What we do

h2ec is currently focussed on servicing the domestic markets across Australia

Our projects are designed to enable customers across many sectors to safely adopt and/or trial green hydrogen.

As a key first step in our Decarbonisation as a Service (DaaS) offering, we have participated in several collaborations covering the following activities and services:

Production & storage facility development

Trials & pilot


Use Case

Zero Emissions transition & route planning



How we do it

Asset Ownership Models

Our business model is based on developing, building, owning and operating green hydrogen facilities.  We seek to take projects from the concept stage through to delivery and remain actively involved through the life of the project.  In the early stages of establishing the green hydrogen market, we work flexibly with customers to meet their needs, collaborate with partners where it benefits the project, and will explore vertical integration if there are gaps in the value chain.

H2 Supply Model

In order to meet our customer’s needs, we will work collaboratively with them and our trusted engineering partners, to determine the most effective supply model, that meets their decarbonisation plans. Typical supply models considered are:

  • Dedicated, bespoke facilities for customer specific supply; or
  • Shared facilities that service multiple customers, within a specific radius


We offer an integrated approach to production, storage and supply of our green hydrogen to our customers. This internalises margins and interfaces, providing lowest cost and risk, and ensuring a certifiable product can be delivered safely and reliably to our customers.


As an independent company, we remain technology-neutral, unaffiliated with any specific technology or original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Our project solutions are therefore unbiased and optimised.


We have extensive experience in the oil, gas and infrastructure sectors managing, operating and maintaining assets. Capabilities well suited to delivering value through our services options.

Flexible services

We also offer flexible services options, should our customer wish to take an ownership stake in the facilities – our engagement could therefore be as a trusted partner to manage, maintain and operate, the facilities should this “services approach” be preferred.

in our pursuit of an emissions free future

Together, we can create a cleaner, more sustainable world for generations to come.

Example Projects

Logistics Company

Energy Independence Pilot

Initiate the transition of the trucking logistics depot to a sustainable zero emission facility and leverage the facility to activate the depot and adjacent hydrogen transport market.

Major Airport

Hydrogen Demand Land sizing modelling

Determine a transition model for hydrogen powered aircraft and estimate the required onsite GH2 and LH2 demand. Construct a phased hydrogen land use model to inform future land use requirements.

Fossil Fuelled Power Station

Hydrogen Transition concept

Investigate concepts to transition existing remote power station currently driven by dual fuel (natural gas/diesel) engines to a hydrogen blend and eventual transition to 100% hydrogen and/or replacement with hydrogen fuel cells.


Displacement of SMR derived hydrogen

Concept workings for a green hydrogen supply chain to displace and transition a factory away from hydrogen produced via the steam methane reforming process.

h2ec has entered into a number of strategic MoU’s and HoA’s with partners ranging from aircraft manufacturers, marine tourist operators and transport and logistics companies to property developers.

Further to this, h2ec has been the beneficiary of significant letters of support relating to our projects to date.

Established in 2014, Top Shelf International (TSI) is an Australian premium spirits company that has committed to growing blue weber agave and building and operating a distillery in the Whitsunday region. “Under our MOU h2ec has helped us and others understand the opportunities and benefits of integrating low or zero emission “clean” technology initiatives at our one of-a-kind Australian Agave farm in north Queensland with the objective of delivering outcomes that offer benefits to our business and more broadly to the region.

Michael Hennessy
Commercial and Agave Director
Top Shelf International

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