About h2ec

Improving the future climate, empowering and enabling hydrogen adoption

At h2ec, we are committed to contributing to the decarbonisation of Australia’s economy. As an independent, integrated, Australian Green Hydrogen production and distribution company, we strive to be a trusted, respected partner and supplier of high-quality renewable hydrogen, establishing a dependable presence in the industry.

Our mission

To improve the future climate by empowering and enabling the widespread adoption of green hydrogen. We play a unique role in the domestic green hydrogen industry, with an initial focus on supplying renewable hydrogen throughout Australia. Our integrated approach allows us to build, own, and operate the entire supply chain, capturing value for our customers at every stage.

Our commitment

Green hydrogen production which begins with accessing certifiable renewable resources and ends with zero emission distribution of our product. We aim to adopt transparency with the emissions intensity of our delivered product.

Our strategy

Identifies suitable regions and site locations, that deliver partnering opportunities with commercial, industrial, and agricultural businesses that can enjoy disproportionate benefits from early adoption of green hydrogen. Rapid scalability follows to meet the growing market demands of the region. This represents a commercial model that promotes a repeatable and scalable domestic adoption of green hydrogen by our customers.

in our pursuit of an emissions free future

Together, we can create a cleaner, more sustainable world for generations to come.

Aaron Smith

Founder, Managing Director
and CEO

Simon Daniel

Co-founder and CCO

Steven Black

Chief Financial Officer