Meet the team

Improving the future climate, empowering and enabling hydrogen adoption

Aaron Smith

Founder, Managing Director and CEO

Aaron is a visionary entrepreneur who established H2 Energy Company Pty Ltd in 2019, and is committed to the Company’s vision. His successful career in the oil and gas sector, provided unique opportunities in technical, operational and senior roles. He is a firm believer in the power of teams and has advised social enterprise and prop-tech startups, providing strategic guidance and developing robust business plans. 

Aaron is actively engaged with Australia’s hydrogen community and the not-for-profit sector. He holds an MBA from Curtin Graduate School of Business, is a graduate of the AICD and has successfully completed the Curtin Entrepreneurs Ignition program.

Why Green H2 and h2ec?:

“A unique opportunity to make a difference. A nascent industry where Australia can play a key role in the energy transition. h2ec was established with a culture and core values that empowers the development of a dedicated team to deliver an Australian company that will make a positive and sustainable difference.”

Simon Daniel

Co-founder and CCO

Simon is a senior energy executive and entrepreneur with roles in engineering, C Suite, and NED positions. His exposure to all stages of the upstream energy value chain has allowed him to successfully developed innovative business models, attracting institutional capital to energy investments. Simon is dedicated to the energy transition and identifies development of a renewable hydrogen market to support that transition. He holds multiple degrees from Imperial College, London.

What makes h2ec different?

“None of us alive today will have experienced the huge energy transition that is ahead of us. We at h2ec appreciate the challenge facing business owners and managers. Our independence means we have been able to clarify the risks and opportunities of various adoption options for our future customers, including carefully designed trials and pilots through to large industrial scale facilities. We know we are only successful when our customers are successful, so we focus 100% on their needs.”

Steven Black

Chief Financial Officer

Steven, with over 25 years of finance and investment experience, specialises in the infrastructure sector. He excels in raising capital for global brownfield and greenfield projects and has managed the financial aspects of large infrastructure assets and corporate entities. Steven’s career spans corporate finance, investment banking, and government roles. He holds an MBA from INSEAD, is a graduate of the AICD, and has actively contributed to the renewable energy revolution through acquisition and development transactions in the renewables and broader energy sectors.

Unlocking hydrogens potential

“Our vision is to establish green hydrogen as a pillar of the clean energy transition, ensuring a brighter and greener future for generations to come. Our commitment is to unlock the full potential of hydrogen, enabling a transition to a cleaner and more resilient energy system while addressing global challenges of climate change and sustainable development. We strive to create hydrogen infrastructure that is accessible, efficient, and reliable, enabling seamless integration of hydrogen technologies worldwide.”

Brett MacRae

Capital Projects

Brett is an engineer with over 30 years project experience in major oil and gas facilities within Australia and abroad.  Having held senior management and technical roles throughout the entire project lifecycle and extensively in upstream energy, Brett is very excited to play a key role in the Australian energy transition.

Brett has demonstrated a people-centred approach to his leadership of multiple engineering, construction, commissioning and operations teams.  He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) from the University of Western Australia and a Post Graduate in Environmental Impact Assessment from Murdoch University.

in our pursuit of an emissions free future

Together, we can create a cleaner, more sustainable world for generations to come.